Eliminate Your Credit Card Processing Fees

Accept incoming credit card payments at 0% cost

Fair & Transparent Pricing

When customers pay with credit, they’ll cover the processing fee

With our surcharge program, customers will be fully aware of their options. If they choose to pay with a credit card, they’ll pay the 3.0% fee on top.

When customers pay with debit, they aren’t charged anything

In order to stay compliant, a merchant offering a surcharge program cannot charge any fee for debit cards. Our solution automatically detects debit card payments and applies no fee to customers. You will only have to pay 1.5% + $0.25 per debit card transaction.

If You Take a Credit Card Transaction

You Pay


Your Customer Pays


With a $50.00 transaction:

Customer pays: $51.50

You receive: $50.00

If You Take a Debit Card Transaction

You Pay

1.5% + 25¢

Your Customer Pays


With a $50.00 transaction:

Customer pays: $50.00

You receive: $49.00

Our Smart Terminal Can Do It All!

It knows whether a payment is made with a Credit or Debit Card

  • Chip
  • Tap
  • Swipe
  • Manual Entry
  • Fast
  • Wireless
  • Compliant Surcharge Programming
  • Easy to use

Surcharge programs have been around for a while now, but because card processing is complicated and surcharge programs have strict rules, most businesses haven’t seriously looked into them.

Current Card Brand Rules
  1. The merchant must be registered with the major card brands.
  2. The merchant must inform customers of surcharges on all credit card transactions.
  3. The credit card fee must not exceed 3% and the merchant cannot profit from the fee.
  4. The credit card fee and product or service price must be processed together. The receipt must show the credit card fee as a separate line item.
  5. The merchant cannot apply a fee to debit cards
Omega’s Solutions
  1. We’ll complete the registration for you
  2. Not only will we send you some spiffy signage, our terminal automatically displays the surcharge on the receipt.
  3. Our surcharge solution charges customers a 3% fee for credit card purchases. You don’t pay a dime of it yourself.
  4. Our surcharge solution automatically adds the credit card fee as a separate line item on receipts.
  5. Our surcharge program automatically detects if the card used is a credit card or debit card. If a debit card is used at the time of sale there will be no surcharge added to the transaction.

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