Verifone VX805

Verifone VX805

  • Price: $175
    $125 brand new

This is a brand new, Verifone VX805 pinpad. It is the latest and greatest pinpad from the leading credit card terminal manufacturer, Verifone. It has the ability to provide a customer facing device so that your customers can complete the transaction themselves without ever handing their credit or debit card over to the clerk. They can swipe their card using the magnetic stripe, dip their card using the EMV smart chip reader, or waive their electronic wallet on their smart phone such as Apple Pay to make a payment. It is fast, easy to use with its user friendly ATM style interface, and most importantly, it is secure and PCI compliant! The VX805 pin pad can connect easily with the Verifone VX520 terminal. If you are looking for a peripheral device that can do it all, then you will want to get the new VX 805 and connect it to your VX520 terminal. If you donít have a vx520 terminal, you can get one at wholesale cost from Omega! In order to accept pin based transactions, you must get your pinpad encrypted by your processor. If you get a merchant account with Omega, it comes with free encryption.

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